Is education a bad thing? Consider this?

Sometimes when I'm reading a story, it's like abotu people who lived in times where education was not easily accessible... and the transfer of emotions was so much easier.

Like when a guy liked a girl, he just liked her. He didn't look at what University she went to, what she majored in, who her friends were. And vice versa.

Now, everyone is a lot more educated, but the problme is EVERYONE is a lot more educated. So the way to compare people is via what education they have. And it makes me hate education to begin wtih.

It's all just a race on who is better than whom.


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  • I agree.. Now it depends on education which equals money.. the quality of person doesn't matter, its how much money can they make.. Its good for some.. Bad for most...

  • Education itself is good, it's the teachers and students who are the problem.

    • This. And also society around us.

      I remember reading about this book where this really smart girl got a B- in this course so she thought she was dumb and dropped out of that program (into another one).

      It's sad because the attitude is not, "I must learn this because I want to learn it and it's okay if I don't get it right the first time or if others do," and becomes, "I can't do this. I must be dumb. The world is telling me exactly that."

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    • Do you think it's the right way of things. Or the reasons that this attitude exists is not because it is 'correct' for students to not be at elite schools if they're unable to cope, but moreso that teachers and students don't want to sit down and properly evaluate how they can be of help as it takes time and effort to do so

    • Of course it's not. The problem is that for education to be more well-rounded and effective there would have to be wiser, more enlightened people making the decisions, and such people wouldn't be interested... academia is a place of solace for the lazy and the weak. They're in such great numbers throughout the system that reform would be impossible.

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