Anyone know anything about dog behavior/psychology?

I'm no stranger to dog behavior, but my dog's been acting odd and I could use a second opinion on why she might be doing this.

So I have a 2 yo beagle mix, who I rescued a couple months ago. As a general rule, she's an extremely friendly dog. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her. Occasionally she'll act timid and growl at some men (suspect an abusive past), but nothing major. She still warms up to them quickly. Well, our neighbors are two tall black men, one of whom is afraid of dogs. And EVERY time my dog sees either of them, without fail, she'll raise her fur, growl, and keep her distance. Why do you think she acts that way towards them in particular? I feel bad; I don't want to contribute to the guy's fear.


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  • Dogs sense the nervous/fear vibe and I'd guess she doesn't know the difference between the two tall black men.

    Also many dogs are racist.


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