If someone doesn't reply to you does that mean she's not going to?

I messaged this person ahppy new eyar, no reply.

I feel like saying, 'Look you seem like a nice girl and we got off on the wrong foot. Anyways, take care," but it feels too confrontational for someone I realistically don't know well.


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  • Fucking step out of your basement, it's a message. She ain't gonna reply if she ain't replied already, so try approaching her, or any other woman, in real life... You Facebook players are the worst, mainly because that shit never actually works... It's just not possible to turn a girl on by message. You have to grow some balls and do it in person like every other guy.

    • huh? I'm a girl. She's my ex-friend.

    • OH. Sorry. I'm blazed as fuck and didn't notice. Do whatever then, I have no knowledge of friendship between two females as I'm not one. :P

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