Has your pet ever gave you worms?

How did it happen? And what type of worms?

Or do you know anyone who's had worms? 😦😲

how did you or they get rid of them?

Over the counter medication?
home natural remedies?

Or kept them inside you forever? 😯

I know this is gross xD... Just curious!!

(I got a new puppy, and discovered he had worms last night... I took him to get dewormed But I'm scared to go near it 😩 I'm scared of him now😟 )


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  • I dont have pets. Eww. Im glad i dont now.

    • Well, just in case you ever do, do vaccinations as soon as possible!!

      This has never happened before, in my life!! And I've had a bunch of pets.

      The problem is, this guy gave me this puppy and told me he had his shots.. But he lied to me because obviously he didn't get his shots...

      Now he does, cause i took him, but it's soooooooooo creepy!!! I don't wanna get near it 😭

    • I undeestand

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  • I got pin worm from my cat. It was the most disgusting feeling on the planet. My mother didn't want to get me treated either, because the medicine was like 20 dollars. You should wash every item in your house immediately, and buy a medication for everyone in the household. Take it once now, then again in 2 weeks (To kill any eggs that could have hatched) And ALWAYS wash your hands after everything.

    • We can get medication without being prescribed? .. If so where? And what kind?

      I am scared!! I've been playing with him a lot!! But now I don't even go near him..

      I was reading on symptoms and I was coughing yesterday.. And that's one of the symptoms.. I don't know if I'm just being paranoid.. But if I see any worms on me I'll die 😩😖 it's awful

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    • I haven't been to the doctor... But I think I will have to go just to make sure.. Cause I'm just looking up stuff online and thinking I have everything 😖

    • Thank you!!

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  • He won't give you it haha, its okay my pup had them too and I turned out fine.

    • Well I hope you are right!!

      But he's indoors? ... Vet said he needs to be indoors for three weeks xD that's the scary part..

    • yeh! You can obviously take him out to pee and stuff but not for long.

  • A cat at work gave me roundworm. Used over the counter meds to get rid of it. Shit sucked.

    • How did you find out you had it? And how did you know when they were gone?

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    • Kay thanks! :]!

  • No I avoided them when they had worms (my mom took care of them), but it's common for puppies to have worms so I'd just wash my hands a lot and don't let it lick you in the face

    • Well I'm more scared because last week he jumped up at me while I was fixing his bed, and gave me a quick lick on my face near lips D: Eewwk! I did run and wash off... But it happened..

    • Your most likely fine

    • I hope!!


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