Do you think he could have been talking to someone?

so I made a fake instagrame actually 2 and follwed this guy who I am fuck buddies with. I wanted to see if he would flirt with me. well I follwed him like a week ago and he has been on and he just now follwed me and messaged me I also follwed him on another profile and he follwed me back and messaged me.

I am only doing this so I know if he is single or not so I know if we can continue to have sex


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  • You have trust issues and a jealous tendency.

    • its not that I just want to know so I know if I should bother him or not

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    • You need a new guy.
      One that makes you feel confident and proud.
      Someone that you feel amazing with

    • We are just sex buds can you please answer my question

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  • Some people will just follow each other back out of mutual respect.. there's no way of really knowing if he's into other people. You should normally be able to tell if he's single if you ask.