What to bring to meeting the parents?

Tomorrow im meeting my boyfreinds dad and his step mom. I want to bring something because that is how I was raised. I was thinking a bottle of wine? Is that ok or should I bring something else or nothing at all? and if wine what kind? I dont think we are having dinner or anything, but i thought it would be a nice gesture.


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  • But what if they don't drink?

    If they do drink wine is fine but make sure its a good one. None of this cotes du rhone (no judgement) crap.

    If they don't drink try some chocolates or cookies in the tin or something.

    • I'm pretty sure they drink, if they don't I'll leave it. We aren't going over for dinner, just a visit but I still want to bring something. So what kind do you think is good to bring?

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    • The USA

    • OK so it depends if they're patriotic or not. If they are, go for an American wine. Something from California over $25. Go for a red. Cabernet sauvignon I suggest.

      If they aren't patriotic, stay away from the french wine. So much of that shit gets imported just cause its french and France is meant to have a reputation for good wine but most of it is in fact crap.

      Go for Italian or Australian. Especially Australian from South Australia. If that's been exported, its likely to be one of the good ones.

  • Wine is good - Ask your boyfriend what is mom's favourite wine is?

  • Wine, cheese and bread


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