Why is it easier for some people to hide their pain?

Some people get strung out on drunks or become alcoholics. They visibly look depressed and down and out but then I know people who have admitted to being depressed and suicidal but looks completely healthy and normal? What are the difference between the two?


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  • Well that's because they have trained themselves that way. They have trained their heart to make them emotionally stronger or they have trained their mind to make themselves mentally stronger so it becomes easy for them to hide any pain that they are experiencing.

  • One takes it out physically (on their bodies with with drugs and alchohol).. Other take it out mentally, (cutting, self sabotage, suicide)... One way or another, its a self fulfilling prophecy...

    • Wow... No other comments.. I wasn't even trying to answer the tough questions when i did this one..

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    • And if addiction runs in their genes.. If they can afford to be an addict.. And probly more, ifbi thought about it... But none if these is a gaurentee to one degree or another... Its all these things thrown into the mix..

    • I ask because Some people i know who are sad and depressed have it written all over their face, while other hide it so well... you wonder if they have emotion

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