Share something you saw today that made you cringe?

I was waiting in this ungodly long line a while ago and there was this really sweaty guy who took out a Febreze and shamelessly sprayed it on his armpits.😣


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  • Umm
    Saw a crack on my guitar 😢


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  • Long story. For a small project, we requested info from a government official via email about a week ago. She still hasn't answered and we needed that info for an assignment that we're supposed to deliver today. We're obviously not gonna make the deadline, but our professor has already given us permission to move the deadline. So I'm not worried. But some of the guys in my project group are freaking out about today's deadline and want to hand in some half-assed work we did, which doesn't even contain the right information for the assignment (because we need the info from that email). Now I have to calm down these idiots so they don't hand in this half-assed work that will definitely get us a low grade.


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