I wonder how some ugly pages has 40k followers?

How they earn mass followers while they have 1 post or meaningless posts..

In Instagram


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  • Some of them ugly pages are actually paid to have followers


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  • I am not sure. It doesn't really matter or bother me as much! I don't care. Maybe you should focus on school or your family instead of how many follower someone has or if they are popular! gezz

    • I don't care but it sames questionable to me.

  • They probably buy their followers.. Yes, some pretty desperate people out there it's sad 😪

    • Are they real followers or ghost followers? Lol yeah

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    • Wow... I didn't not~ What a bunch of sell outs! I am never selling anything I don't love! I love apple laptops thou! hahah I could sell those hahah!

    • @apple24 I'm gonna go into the selling followers business one day lol ~ just need like 10000 email addresses to create accounts with 😂

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