Why do they separate the men from the women in pool?

I was watching TV the other day and it happened to be the women's pool competition.

And I was confused.

I know they separate the males from the females in sports. Let's be real. Men and women have different skills and strength levels. There's no way an adult male and an adult female could compete fairly in many athletic events.

Let's use swimming. Women typically are faster than men as children until puberty hits and then men get faster. How do I know this? I swam for 8 years, my brother swims, my boyfriend swims... I spend a lot of time at the pool haha.

So I get the different competitions (men's golf, women's golf, women's MMA, men's MMA, etc.) but pool?

There's like... NO athletic skill/strength involved.

I don't mean to discredit pool players. There is no doubt that there's logic involved and strategy involved... but no excessive strength. It's not like the men would have an advantage because they're stronger.

So... why aren't the competitions co-ed?

Pool = billards


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  • Man are taller are stronger and intelligent with enhanced capabilities of bearing stress, they have strong mentality, while women are weak feeble and they can't bear stress and deficiency of honor makes condition even worse and I am not just saying it Science proves it. There is no mombo-gombo reason behind it, they are genetically created in this way and HEY you chick Why are comparing your self with ordinary man while you are master at swimming, compare with one of your experience and I bet you will lose, reason (1000-1500 less RBCS count, less O2 carrying capacity with lack of androgens to built muscle mass and ATP deficiency) its simple.


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  • Strength does come into play on the break but other than that you are correct. I think it comes down to the numbers. More men play than women and since typically more men began playing earlier on than women there is a greater pool of talent among men so it makes sense that they batte it out for who's best as will the pool the women. That or locker room awkwardness.

    • You don't need locker rooms for pool?

    • That last part was a joke. But I did find this to back up my earlier assumption.

      Jeannette "The Black Widow" Lee has been quoted as saying that, even when she was the unquestioned #1 female player in the world, there were "dozens of male players who could wax me."

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  • The reason is that in most sports the physical capacities from ladies are slightly lower and putting girls and guys into one individual competition would make almost all the guys end in front of the girls :-(
    There are team sports where guys and girls perform together, for example 5 guys and 5 girls per team :D

    • But... it's pool.


      There's no possible way that they can't perform equally. I'd understand if there was any small heightened degree of strength needed but there's not.

    • Oh gosh... I thought it was swimming... I assumed you meant a swimming pool :D
      I must admit I've never seen pool, or snooker, for ladies. But it can be since it's not on TV!
      I agree with you, no reason not to make it mixed.

  • Funny that we integrated combat units before integrating tennis or even apparently pool.
    I'd be interested to see if there IS a significant jump in ability between the sexes.
    I wouldn't expect there to be, but I don't know anything about pool either :)

  • Men are generally taller, stronger and have longer arms. Different reach, different angles.

    • The pool stick makes up for that.

    • Not necessarily. I understand where you are coming from but there still is differences where I think they should have a mens/womens/and coed category. If they made it all one and men were continually champions, feminists would go berzerk.

  • xD I thought u meant swimming pool

    I don't know you're right there is no reason

  • Co-ed
    There will be lots of sex in the gender neutral locker rooms or nearby hotels.

    • ? It's billiards.

      Exactly why do you think they'd need locker rooms?

    • I thought you meant pool as in swimming. In pool I don't see any reason to separate them.

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  • I guess it makes no sense because if a woman used her highest level of strength in pool it would still be excessive so there's no advantage of men over women in this game.

  • I don't see that here ever today. Used to be back in the day out of chivalry probably.

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