Force recon, or MARSOC?

This question is for all the service members.
I'm going into the Marine's soon; I just wanted some opinions on whether I should go Force recon or MARSOC.
Any opinions welcome.


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  • Generally most people that are in Marsoc came from Forecon. You can't get into Force Recon until you're an E-4(corporal) which is basically three years. So you go into force recon for several years until you're eligable for becoming a CSO. They have different missions and you have to be unbelievably fit to get into either.

    Get either an infantry contract (3xx) or a recon contract (UZ). Recon contract guarantees you a chance at recon but if you wash out you'll be reassigned and probably to a non combat role since infantry is over saturated. With an infantry contract you are guaranteed a combat role but you may not be able to get into recon if there are no spots left. You should really talk to a recruiter.

    • Sorry you can't get into Marsoc until you're an E-4(corporal) not force recon.

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    • That is pretty close to my exact plan.

    • No matter how tough it is just never voluntarily quit. Finish and fail rather than quit. Voluntary withdrawals are always the most regretful thing most people do in the military. I wasn't in the military myself but I'm from a very military family with several in the USMC. I couldn't join because I have diabetes and am automatically barred. If I could join I would have chosen to do exactly what you're doing. USMC with hopes of recon. Good luck.

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  • You want to go to the military?😧

    • Umm, yes? What's up?

    • Just wondering is all good for you my dad was navy so I couldn't give you advice but I could never do it I have way too much to lose

    • It's your decision bro, I can respect that.