Date a female who looks and dresses a bit slutty/seductive but is actually a virgin with self-respect, very very decent, a one-man type of woman, is very loving, devoted, and loyal... but in everyone's eyes she looks like a promiscous woman.


Date a female who looks and dresses very modest, covers body up well but is a low key slut who sleeps around with a lot of men, cheats on her boyfriends, has a lot of side guys... But looks very decent in everyone's eyes...


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  • Oh come on. We're all going with the first one unless we're just looking to shag.
    Although in my experience the really slutty girls rarely have any fun ideas, girls who stayed virgin a while tend to be into all sorts of kinky!

    • yeah but you would know girl 2 is a slut ;) and you wouldn't know girls 1 was actually an angel lmaoooo so if guys wanted to shag they'd obviously think the first girl is dtf cause she looks like a thot and girl 2 would have guys falling inlove thinking she's good but she's the true thot lmao... im like girl one and every guy i've fallen for dumps me cause i wasn't dtf and the girl to is similar to a girl i know and guys take her very serious while she plays them

    • you wouldn't know girl 2 is a slut****

    • Well if we don't know their personalities and we base it solely on looks then I suppose you can reverse what most of us are saying.

      That said I don't think any of would mind if you dress like girl one when it is just us. Mhmm please do, that's welcome.
      If your outfit screams slut outside of the bedroom and you dislike the reactions you might want to reconsider it a tiny bit :P

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  • I wouldn't want to date a woman who I know will cheat on me, regardless of how she looks.

  • First... Duh...

  • I would choose the first option I would try to change her style but all in time as long as I can trust her I won't be worried

  • I'll take the seductive virgin LOL


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