Are people into New Year's Resolutions dopes?

why only make goals at the start of the year?


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  • No- its their own choice and it's important to stay very realistic, as if theyre aiming to high they might fail.

  • The goals are motivation to get through the year.

    • and people can make these at any time..

      but then... hmmmmmm...

      you only respond since you like to "expose" ignorance and probably think "hahahahaha... how come he don't know that? hahahahaha!!" all people are ignorant. you're gonna say "oh, you're not worth my time". likewise, since I like how I need to care about who you reckon is worthy to do stuff.

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    • answer? no, just trying to pontificate haha.. cool.

    • Right.

      Good day sir.

  • I make my goals before new years. New years is simply where I declare my goals on paper or in words or in my head.

    • haha... don't you get offended who does or posts what? haha... wow..

    • Well I started exercising a couple of weeks before New Years so when New Years came around I thought - this will be my New Years goal since I am already doing it anyway. My other goal was to spend less money - I made this goal 3 years ago but i feel I side tracked a little bit this year cause i got distracted by all this expensive healthy food and spent way more than most people do.

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