How to change deep set mental conditioning. Ideas?

The story behind it is long and boring, but, I was long conditioned as a child that I was fat, and worthless, and no one would ever like me. (No pity party needed, but these are facts that may help you advise)

While there are plenty of people that like me just fine now, that I do carry a good amount of self worth, and I am still fat (which is fine), I can't make the mental jump to see the good I do in the world and the reciprocal good the world is doing to me.

This is specifically impacting my relationships. As I was raised having no one as a child, I'm an extremely independent adult. That being the case, and compiled with my no-body-likes-you conditioning, I'm completely oblivious. This is double the case when concerned with the fairer sex. I have to be told when a girl is flirting, and on several occasions missed out because they use a weird set of code words and language that I don't know. It's just not within my mental realm of possabilities that anyone would be interested in me that way.

Anyway, women arne't the focus of my question just the symptom that drives me the most crazy.

The question is, does anyone have an idea about how to deprogram yourself? Un-brainwash if thats a thing? Any ideas what-so-ever on how to raise my romanitc situational awareness perhaps?


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  • Well... you're going to be the only one capable of 'reprogramming' yourself. There's no easy way to do it. You've just got to get to the root of the issue that caused your negative conditioned ideas, get to work on changing it for the better, then with time reevaluating and changing these pre-set ideas.


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  • You could give hypnosis therapy a shot. Other than that, I don't really know.