How would you feel if your friend won the lotto and pulled a stunt like this?

They didn't win big , only one thousand dollars. They keep using your cell phone number in a different order and keep getting luck (this isn't the first time they have won with your number).
They call you to tell you how happy they are and that they will "break you off some money". When you get there they give you thirty crusty dollars and tell you how they are struggling and going through hard times.
Why the hell did you offer to give me shit in the first place? I don't get it!


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  • I wouldn't trust them with the jack pot that's for sure if they are pulling that already with small amounts, money will only make them more of what they already are so you can imagine how they would act if they won big


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  • $30 is $30. That's a dime bag and a pack of smokes.

    Stop being so damn ungrateful, it's a nice gesture.

    • No, it's not.
      It's a cheap gesture.

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    • How was the $30 crusty? Did he jizz on it first?

      You said he had 'hard times', so maybe he couldn't afford to give you anything else. Honestly, I'd just take your 30 bucks and be happy he even though of you. If he's got money problems, I totally understand why he couldn't fork over more.

      You came here to get answers, I gave you my answer, don't be an asshole. I ain't just gonna tell you what you wanna hear.

    • He said that after he learned I was discontented with what he gave me. It was all just an excuse obviously because if he was that hard on times, he wouldn't have offered me anything. I would have showed sympathy towards his situation.

      He knew he was wrong that's why he tried to excuse it. I'm not stupid. But I don't care anymore about the situation. I now know what to expect from him.

  • I'll take thirty bucks any day. Free money whoop whoop


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