Guys watch us while we are changing?

we have karatee, yoga, swiming, etc in our school. After the seesion is over all the students have to change to there school uniforms (girls and boys both). But when we go to change the we have to make a group of five to six girls but as i have only 3 best friend i go and change with my friends. After the girls go to change boys finds a way to see inside and watch us changing. As we have to change every piece of our clothes on body so at some point we have to get nude. By this guys likes to watch us and i feel little bit shy. Even my boyfriend watch me while changing. why he is watching me in school as he can have me anytime. All the girls have complaint about it but no action is taken and this is best school for my carreer and i can't even think of going to another school.


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  • How old are you?

    • 15 years

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    • as i am using my friends account for help

    • Then I can't take this seriously

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