Why do I constantly keep living in the past?

everytime im bored or lonely or something mostly bored, i tend to think about my past a lot then i start getting mad & extremely upset with myself for letting things happen with me. For example i tend to think about my ex a lot although we've been broken up for 6 mos. Now & i haven't seen him, but he would randomly txt/call me like nothing happened when he hurt me really bad. & i also tend to think a lot about the horrible friendships i had in the past with my so called "friends ", when they were nothing but no good for me. & Caused my downfall. Why do i keep living in the past if it upsets me a lot & effects my present/outlook on the future. Why can't i get over it? helppp !!!


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  • At 51 I still think the same way you do.

    I try to apply what I have learned, remembering the past good or bad and making sure I only repeat the good.


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