What do you think about this new Deadpool video?

I love it 😂I seriously lost it when he said "Youre crying hard, and I am crying because you're hard". Do you think we will finally get the Deadpool movie we deserve?


Damn it got the quote wrong
"Youre crying hard, and I am hard because you're crying"


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  • This is amazing <3 I have such high hopes for this film, the characterisation seems to be spot on so far.

    • Yes! I love how they constantly break the 4th wall with the promo material. If this movie sucks, so many basement dwellers will craw out of their caves, and go on a riot.

  • I've always liked Deadpool, I thought his comics were funny. I really reeeeally hope this rated R movie is the Deadpool we want and deserve.

    Brb though, I need to pick up the issue so I can have a limited edition eye infection.


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