Was this rude of her to do?

So I messaged this girl, she messaged back saying sorry she took so late in replying, a nd then asked how I was etc. The moment I told her she disappeared.

I don't know if she was so unimpresed with what I was doing or what. When she replied she's working full time I just said ah the corporate world, and stated the city must be good to be in.

I never get these kind of people they act like they love you one second and the next they're so weird.


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  • Yes it was

    • Maybe she wasn't unimpressed she was just busy? I am assuming she is at work hours.

  • ... I feel ya. Worse happened to me.

    • The thing is, I don't think it's normal behaviour to do that? Most people just say cool cool and then that's that.

    • I said I was starting out at my own incubator space. That isn't really a bad thing lol

    • Well, many people do this, they start out friendships on really good terms and then eventually the friendship slowly dies for no reason.

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