Did he reply to me out of pity?

This guy I know, I started talking to him, apologizing for my behaviour, etc. He asked how I was (common courtesy), I told him I was catching up onr eading, he replied great blah blah balh and then when I told him all about my book he just stopped replying.

I had a similar incident today where I was talking to a girl who seemed excited to hear from me, and then whe nI told her what I was dong, she stopped replying.

Does everyone think I'm pathetic? I was so happy he replied now I feel disgusted like they all pity me and don't reply because they think they're just being polite not truly interested in what I'm doing.


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  • hey, please don't feel bad!! There must be some people in your life, your relatives or true friends who care about you. You should be sharing with them and i am sure that they will listen to you with all ears. To answer to your question, i am sorry but yeah, he may have replied to you out of pity. But like i said, talk to your real friends, they are gladly waiting for your attention.

    • I have no real friends. My real friends behaved even worse than he did. Relatives all shun me they're tired of hearing the same story.

      It's so sad that he replied to me out of pity. I thought he wanted to be my friend because I had a bit of a crush on him and got so happy. Ha ha I'm such a loser

    • hey! i am not sure of that. You should know him better than me... i am just assuming that it could be possible. And you aren't a loser. Shut up!!

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  • maybe you bombard people with too much info about yourself, maybe you should express interest with what is happening about other people as well.

    • I sometimes feel like.. it's difficult because then it makes them feel like you expect them to be your best friend forever.

      Like I always wait for the other person to ask me a question

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