Was she being rude?

I was talking to this girl and she asked what I was doing after saying she's working full time. I told her I got my own incubator space to start my own business. (I left out the bsuiness part)

She stopped replying.

Dont' know if it was on purpose and she thought I'm doing nothign with my life and she decided to stay away.


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  • I'm not sure if you were. Mainly because I don't know what you mean by you have your own incubator.

    Though maybe she see's it as you don't work as much as her. Yet your able to get stuff and have more of a life. Then with her working full time and probably barely having any time. That could be the reason.

    • I think she didn't either. Which is funny because she's a business major.

      Incubator space is reserved for individuals who want to start their own business.

      I probably don't work as much as her. But she's rich and she made a decision to work I hardly think that she'd resent that.

      Also I'm doing school but I didn't tell her. I don't think she knows I haven't graduated.

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    • Nah I don't think so. I think most people would rather be in her shoes.

      Starting your own business is pretty common in the region I'm in... and unfortunately most of the businesses don't flourish that well, I guess because our business ecosystem is so advanced that it's hard for truly new ideas to come about.

    • She probably didn't know what to say about it.