What are some school washroom dares?

- staying in the washroom that no one uses at lunch to play truth or dare
-wht are some good dares?
-Nothing to do with getting naked and stuff.
-Maybe quick ones involving trash cans. Stuff like licking the toilet seat or putting your hair in the water, stuff like that thanks!
(live in Canada so it socld and we aren't allowed outside)


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  • Bloody Mary

    One time me and my friend got clay from sculptures class, made it look like poop, then put some in the urinal.

    • haha, bloddy mary isn't scary anymore though But tht story is funny

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    • Haha did you do it today or something?

    • yeah!

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  • -wash your hair in the sink
    -put the soap over your face like a face mask and leave it on for a few minutes
    -maybe drop a coin in the trash can and have them find it.

    You want to be careful with things like licking the toilet seat. You don't want anyone to get sick because of this. The dares should be silly and fun, not dangerous. With digging through trash you can wash your hands, and the soap facial might make your face a little dry but it's not going to make you sick.


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  • Umm I can think of better places to hang out in 😣

    • Nah my school is reallly small and its so cold outside they make everyone sit in the gym as we get yelled at so ths is better, no one uses the washroom and it is really clean ( hotel clean)

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