I base my self worth on what girls think of me?

So basicly I'm in a situation were if I have lots of attention from girls I feel great about myself but when I don't I feel like shit. I've suffered from depression at different points in my life and am in the migst of it as we speak. I think my need for approval from girls stems from my mother not really loving me or taking care of me properly, as well as being abusive. Anyway its obvious this holds me back I mean I have these daydreams which in them I'm some sort of hero to a girl and once I've saved the day they all swoon and fall in love with me, I have these daydreams about three times a day, as soon as they like me in the daydream its over, Its not about being a hero its about what the girl thinks of me. Obviously I've linked impressing a girl with being something I'm not (usualy a solider, rockstar or famous somehow, even just a better version of myself maybe even speaking a second lauange), So I've in my mind decided me being just normal me is not good enough and I need to be special some how to win their affection, if this dreams were not so frequent I wouldn't care but they happen so often its obvious I care far to much about what they think of me. How do I change this focus of my self worth being on what girls think of me?


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  • You might want to see a therapist to help with your deep feelings from your mom. A therapist can help you overcome this, better than anyone on the internet.

    If this small tip helps, when things are good for you, make a list of all those good things. When you feel bad, you can look at the list.

    • Tried two different therapist neither were much help or thought I had a real problem. Yeah thats a nice idea thanks

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  • Honestly that's hard and you should maybe talk to a therapist to get your feelings out but you can try abstaining from girls a bit and forming better dude friendships and finding a hobby or something you like


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  • Get laid bro, or at least go to the strip club

    • Sleeping with girls is't the problem I can do that fine also where I love we don;t have strip clubs. I think you've missed the point of the question quite frankly