Why all the people who want to be president in 2016 hate muslims? Even though in muslim countries they respect our religions?


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    • U r talking about it germany assults happen every where and by many types of men how come u judge them in us u r so confused

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    • U r wrong

    • And yet it is seen as normal in muslim countries and communities in the west.

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  • If that's any consolation, they don't hate the people themselves, they hate their ideology. Most people would welcome those Muslims if those Muslims stop identifying as Muslims and actually plan on integrating with the new culture found there.


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  • I think that Bernie Sanders has been quite outspoken on why hating Muslims is a bad thing, so it's not all the candidates. I think it's mostly just Donald Trump, possibly Clinton too though I'm not sure.


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  • None of the candidates "hate" muslims. They just have different ways of addressing the issue of terrorism and letting refugees into our country.

  • Democrats don't hate Muslims though. It's just Republicans who hate Muslims. Anyways, democrats aren't going to win the election anyways. Should be an easy victory for Trump. People in America don't feel safe with Muslims.

    • Trump might have a vocal base, but he hasn't actually won the republican nomination yet, and it's possible that the only reason he might win said nomination is because the rest of the votes are being spread over many other candidates. Even assuming he does get the nomination, he would have to win effectively 1v1 vs Clinton, and not only does most polling seem to favor Clinton, but it might be noted Trump doesn't seem like a candidate that appeals to moderates and democrats have won 4 of the past 5 popular elections (and Bush won his second term after 9/11 and the start of war in Iraq, which likely gave him a large boost). It seems highly unlikely that it will be an easy victory for Trump.

  • Trump seems the only one to do this.