If you would have pug would you wear?

If you would have pug would you wear t-shirt with I <3 Pugs

If you would have pug would you wear?

  • Yess I would wear *explain why
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  • Yess give mee one, NOW! *explain why
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  • Nah t-shirt *explain why
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I have a friend who is super obsessed with pugs, about two years ago her parents finally got her a pug and about 75% of her shirts are pug related cx True story mate.

    • haha really? :D that's interesting

    • Yeah, she is very obsessed. Her name is Topanga so now we call her Topug haha.

    • I'm working o a design t-shirt can you help me what do you think about simple shirt I (icon) <3 Pugs
      do you think people would like? Or it would be better to add I LOVE PUGS<-- I would add picture of pugs like cartoon insead of pugs text

Most Helpful Guy

  • If I owned a Pug I'd have a t-shirt that said " i ♣️ my Pug".

    • you mean I heart icon my pug?

    • with pug picture on t-shirt?

    • Something like that, only completely different.

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  • Nothing. I can't condone anamal abuse.

  • Hell yeah, I love pugs their adorable. Wouldn't wear the shirt outside though lol but I'd definitely have a pug day on the couch.

  • Pugs are over-rated.