Moral dilemma: what should I/should I have done?

Ok so I'm in the supermarket shopping for some groceries as you do, when I see this old lady about 80 odd years old doing something completely inappropriate.

She was swapping the good expensive large free range eggs out of the carton and putting them into the shitty cage egg carton. She was extremely calculated about it too like she had done it 1000 times. It took her less than 30 seconds and then she was off to the check out and gone like a fart in a fan factory.

The dilemma is that I know why she's doing it. Those cage eggs will probably give you cancer and the good ones are way over priced. But the good ones are the ones I actually buy and I dont want to end up with 12 shitty eggs inside my good eggs carton because this old bitch has swapped them over.

Should I report her or just start going to the other supermarket a couple of kms down the road?

And what if she is doing it there too?

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  • Yeah definitely report her silly ass. Those cartons should be sealed to prevent this from happening but when there is a cracked egg there wouldn't be anyway of knowing so it's not a good idea.


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  • 80 year old prankster,
    That old chick got swag.


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  • I don't care if she / he is 100 damn years old it's theft and yes she should be turned in