Best place to get a new phone?

My phone is starting to drive me nuts, I'm running a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini but for the most part because my dad tried to use a blackberry charger with it it's done something to completely bugger any replacment battery I put in it, I'm on my 8th one, I wish I was kidding.

It's got a crack on the screen but I'm happy to use it as a backup anyway. I'm thinking of upgrading to a S4, I really don't want to go for anything newer such as a S6, or any type of iPhone/ Windows phone.


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  • How much can you spend?

  • craigslist or ebay. obv check the imei to make sure its clean... and the fone (in person) to make sure make sure it functions. if ebay u chk feedback. if you're clueless about phones then just go to your nearest retailer.

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