Was he being mean, or just normal?

So I was talking to this guy and sort of overspilled on my life story.

At the end of it he was like, 'what's your name again?'

He was listening normally and being smpathetic answering but I thought that was a little off. To be hoens I didn't know his name either, but I wouldn't be so blatant about it


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  • No, I don't think he was being mean.

  • This is just normal he was thinking about what you told him and if he dosen't know you for so long it might come to that it hapenns with me often

    • What do you mean? What does me telling him something have to do with my name lol

    • If he wants to talk to you and has taken a liking to you he would like to know what your name is

    • But I've talked to him quite a few times. This is so weird he is asking me now at the end of the course.

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