Am I an asshole friend? or am I right to think this?

so i have this friend who just moved out with her boyfriend into their own apartment
and they are constantly worried about money, they have very little food in their house.
and usually expect house guests to feed themselves (which in understandable i guess)

but they always seem to have enough money to go out hooka which i personally find ridiculous
because they have two hookas in their house

they argue they dont have coals and flavors and that their house is boring
but would it not be cheaper to by coals and flavors than spend money MULTIPLE times a week going to the hooka place?

i get that if you are poor that doesn't mean you should act/look poor. you should be able to treat yourself.
but if you have something at home why go out and do it?
they have two perfect;y good hookas at home I just can't fathom why they feel the need to go to a hooka place.

i guess the same could apply to why go to a restaurant to spend money if you have food at home. but personally as a self proclaimed foodie and fattie, i find food the only thing ok to spend money on if you have it at home,

otherwise things like hooka or booze or whatever. just do it at home,


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  • No I think you have a valid point. Their priorities don't seem to be straight. If they have money problems they should deal with it especially if they just moved in together. They should compromise and find a way to make ends meet otherwise their problems will likely just worsen.


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  • No its right, then again you don't know their reasoning. BUT if they truly are broke and barely have little food it's simply being irresponsible and putting their wants before their needs and they'll have a harder time in the long run.

    • i mean i dont know if they have money problems but they are constantly complaining. and their fridge and freezer are filled with typical college kid foods. (cheap canned stuff. mac and cheese etc)
      if we invite them any place but hooka (movies/bowling/etc) they say they dont have the money too

    • and she's always telling her boyfriend "why do you wanna spend money on this we have rent this week remember"

  • Your not an asshole friend you are completely right

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