What are the best techniques for haggling on the phone?

I want to change my internet connection. I currently have a medium/low connection, and I want to switch to a high one (20-30 Mpbs).
I tried to contact a provider via phone, but until now I didn't get any good offers, only the ones they advertise on the website (an expensive one + an even more expensive one).

Are there chances to haggle a better price? How do you usually haggle when it comes to internet/cable/phone provider?

Share your best techinques or your experiences :)


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  • The secret to be a good haggler is call the company up and either tell them that your thinking about switching companies because you found a cheaper rate and price. Ask them is their any way they can do better with the price and service you have now. You can also request to talk to the supervisor and tell them the same way. Supervisors listen better then the customer service reps sometimes.

    • Thank you very much for the upvote.

    • Today I only tried to call the customer rep, but to no extent. The lady, after my first refusal of her offer (the one on the internet) didn't even insist or asked me anything else. I was kind of disappointed.
      So you suggest to directly call for my migration number or something like that?

    • Yes try to directly call for your migration number. Im sorry it didn't work this time. Sometimes I try and call again because you get different service reps. Sometimes it doesn't always work the first time.

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