Nobody checks their fb messages anymore?

What's the purpose of fb if nobody reads their messages anymore? If I want to message someone where they'll see it I have to put it on their timeline, for the world to see.


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  • I answer my FB msgs...

    maybe your 'friends' just don't like you?

    • Yeah. Most are just people I went to high school with. It seems people my age already have their own life and don't have time to make more friends. I had somebody send me a friend request the other day I used to live next to and I approved it and sent him a messaging asking him what he's been up to. I looked and it showed that he read it and never responded back.

    • I don't get the point of not interacting with your "fb friends"

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  • I do control and write back my messages on Facebook and all social media. It's a sign of respect and education. When someone talks to you, you answer! Simple