Has any one ever had one of those days?

Has any of you had a day were nothing went right.
I just had one, actually I had 2 of them in a row WTF?
What happened to your day?
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  • No I never have them
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  • 1 of those days it happens every day
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  • I don't under stand the question?
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  • Yes, sometimes I just get in a mood when one thing doesn't go right, then it seems that one thing comes right after the next and it's frustrating- I just plan for the next day.


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  • Years ago when my ex-wife asked me to move out. I was under the mistaken impression that I could save it. In the month I was trying to save it through shrinks, counselors and even priests for her sake, but all were rejected by her. Talked to friends and family trying everything to work it out. In the end I realized that when she asked me to move out she was really just done with me and couldn't tell me directly. So instead her solution was to have me panic for a month before serving me with divorce papers.

  • Vote 'A'

    Sure I've had many and multiple days in a row lol But it's a part of life and we gotta keep going :)

  • I had to join the majorrity :D
    I guess they call it "murphies law" :-(
    Things usually go wrong in couples. And me being clumsy and absent minded doesn't help :o :o

    • Yea it happens to most of us at some time or another in life.

  • I'm pretty sure I'm going to have that day tomorrow. I'm trying not to over analyze it, but I don't know... I just hope everything works out.

  • I just had one Wednesday night/ Thursday morning.


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