If I rev bomb you... would you get mad or find it as a joke?

This what a rev bomb is...

I do it with my car, but only sometimes, it's fun and funny. My girlfriend hates when i do it if i'm with her cause she thinks it's really mean lol and doesn't like it :p , but is it? wouldn't you find it as a joke?

  • It's funny/ i would get scared
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  • Not funny/ i would get mad
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  • Listen to you girlfriend and stop doing it
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  • Just give me some pizza
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  • A lot of people find it not amusing. Last time that happened I was in the car and some guy passing by (inbetween cars) did it, I got a fright but was like whatever about it. The guy next to me, opened his car door to prevent it from happening again. I don't know if he was taking the piss, or genuinely preventing it to happen. But I can tell he wasn't happy about it

    • i just find it a bit funny, but my girlfriend gets mad when i do it lol, i'll prob stop it tho. I do it like maybe once a week. It's funny when you do it to girls cause they all jump :p :D but ill calm it down lol

    • Lol yeah good thinking

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