Do you believe most GAGers are health freaks?

Sorry dudes and dudettes... I love u I respect u and all... but I believe about 80% among u... u r health freaks...

I come across pretty often to posts like...

"Don't eat chips they r unhealthy... don't drink alcohol u'll die young... don't drink energy drinks u'll get liver cancer... etc..."

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  • I agree with you. 😛 Sometimes if you don't have washboard abs or a curvy body they'll say you're unattractive and fat. Pssssh


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  • I like healthy food but I wouldn't consider myself a health freak. I could go from eating salad one day to eating cake the next day. That's a balanced diet for me :P


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  • No, I'm just a vegetarian, but I'm definitely not a health freak, my reasons for not eating meat are strictly ethical... furthermore, I don't drink alcohol, because I don't like the taste of it, and I don't smoke cause cigarette smoke stinks.