How can I find my iPod?

Today I lost my ipod at the bus stop this morning and I guess someone was walking by saw it and decided to take it. My ipod is not registered on the Support profile and I need to get my serial number somehow I don't have the original box it came in and I don't have the reciept it was given to me as a Christmas gift and I don't have iPhone care so I can't just get a new one right away. Please help, My address is on there along with my zip code, city, and credit card number if the person that took it gets/hacks into it they can possibly stalk me or spend money on my credit card. I'm very paranoid I turned on Lost Mode and entered in my mothers phone number and a message that should show up on the screen and I played the sound but no call yet I need to know the serial number so I can report this to the police so they can help.


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  • call the apple store to see if they have a solution.


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