Batman Vs Superman movie?

Now I am a total Marvel and DC nerd. I love both, though I am always stressing over Marvel lol. Anyway, I am sitting here watching this very retarded trailer... mind you i will still be rushing to see this movie... and I see Ben Affleck... SERIOUSLY. REALLY? I mean... giving him the benefit of the doubt... there is a 50/50 chance he is going to fuck this up. Then i see Aqua Man and I'm like, wtf is he going to do... throw some fish (yes im aware that comment is ignorant) anyway... what are your thoughts on this movie...


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  • I'm not a die hard fanboy but I find it silly when Superman all of a sudden punches, kicks and moves like a normal human instead of using his super speed all the time.

    Superman would kill Batman in like 0.2 seconds. Retarded behavior in movies in general annoys me.

    • And yeah... Ben Affleck. No thanks.

    • Honestly! except... batman took down superman in the comics with Kryptonite... and he knew how to destroy the entire justice league... considering he created it

    • Well, even if Batman was covered in Kryptonite, Superman could just fly into Batman like 50 times the speed of sound like a torpedo and instantly kill him and then fly away. Or just use his laser eyes and kill him 2 miles away.
      I'm noticing my nerd comes alive now so I will stop now, haha

  • I hope he kills super man

  • Ben Affleck as Batman = I won't like batman anymore tbh 💔


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