How do you feel about interracial love?

my parents dont want me dating a black woman but I find them attractive, would you want your kids dating someone of another race? Im Native American myself and have dated girls of all races, i just started talking to this cute black girl and my parents don't approve which is stupid.


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  • I see nothing wrong with it. Love is love regardless of the skin color.
    It's a shame that some people still have a problem with interracial couples.
    If you really like her, you shouldn't care about what your parents think.

    • i dont, i just wanted to ask what you guys thought about it. i always date who i want anyways lol.

    • That's good. I wish I could do the same...
      Anyways well, now you know what I think.

    • Thank you for the MHO.

      Good luck :)

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  • No problems with it. I dated a white guy in my teens, so it's nothing new.
    Feels a little odd at first lmao.

  • I am a black woman and I prefer we stay with black men. I honestly don't see the point in race mixing. Its gross and unnatural. No one wants a pink dick in them, either. Ew.

    • pink dick? lol anyways you dont like brown skin dudes?

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    • In my experience 7 black chicks have been fine with my 'pink dick' haha. How is it unnatural? I mean, we're all humans, right?

    • @TheHooptyMiata lol. No I'm just being an asshole. I don't care about who dates who 😂😂

  • Well u look kinda black in your picture. Are u Hispanic or mixed. Your parents are losers for not wanting you to date someone based on race. Black peoples don't do that. Smh

    • Some black people DO do that.

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    • Your mom is ignorant and racist.

    • damn, thats still my momma you dont gotta be mean :(

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  • I'm dead set against interracial marriage, but I put up with it as my wife is a black woman who's very much in favor of it. Happy wife; happy life!

  • Disgusting. filler.

  • What are you expecting to hear from this question? Have you asked why your parents disapprove? I personally disapprove from my Christian beliefs.

    • I don't find black girls attractive by any means anyways.

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    • @ScruffynateAK @ScruffynateAK OH, it's not that easy. Some things are specific as crap and others are very vague. Like getting tattoos. I mean why would God think tattoos are ok when he's saying "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image" Some people say thats from people worshiping false gods in the past, but that sounds a lot like God not liking tattoos either, not to mention 666 mark of the beast? A mark on a beast is a tattoo put upon it.

    • OH and a beast is a Cow, being branded.

  • Do they really disapprove because she's black, or is it more the type of girl she is?
    Not saying anything about her, I don't know her lol, but I'd like to make sure we don't chalk up to racism what we don't have to ya know?

    • well she talks like a good girl and she doesn't act crazy or anything. if she's a good person i dont see why they dont approve. she even dresses nice.

    • I don't know man.
      Some people are weird and prejudiced like that.
      Have you seen anything like this from them before, are they actually racist?
      There's nothing wrong with interracial dating/marriage.

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