Do you think this guy likes me when I am 10 years older than him?

I met him in the Christian fellowship in University and after a very busy semester, I only saw him once a month or so. Then for no reason whatsoever, he started appearing in every single bible study and christian group at school, no matter how busy he was. Around the time he started making regular appearences in the christian fellowship, he told me he was interested in a female and asked me to pray about it to find out if it is was God's will for them to be together but did not specify who she is. You could say he is going to these christian fellowships to meet the girl he likes but the thing is - none of the girls in the chrisitan fellowship go to all 5 or 6 bible study group other than me because I was taking a light course load last semester. At most, the girl might appear in 2 fellowships but I am the only one who appears in all 5 or 6. In fact, one of the reasons I go is cause I know I wil probably run into him if I show up.


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  • A lot of guys like older women. It is a turn on.


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  • Older girls are hot


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