How can I move on from a mistake?

I feel terrible 😞. I am so so sorry for what I did

I admit that it's completely my fault and I apologized to the customer and he said "he is fine" but the guilt is eating me alive. I already told my boss about my incident and he said I have to be careful

i don't know what to do I'm so sorry...


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  • It's ok. Mistakes happen.


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  • Dude, it's really not that big of a deal. You made a mistake, you realized it, you apologized, and the customer said that he was fine and the boss did not punish you for it. There's literally no reason to keep dwelling on this, especially since you're more than likely never going to see the customer again anyway.

    Just move on, quit acting like you cheated on your spouse.

    • no dude I will, he parks his car there every day and he could literally buy me if he wanted. I just hope he sincerely means that he's fine

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    • Or at the very least demand that you be fired. So unless either of those things happened, you're good.

    • Oh I really hope so man, this comment has calmed me a bit thanks

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  • By giving it time... you live and learn. At least your admitting it was your fault, the majority of people would have to much pride knowing there wrong but have too much of an ego to admit such a thing.

    • I might lose my job but I truly deserve it for not being careful, I really hope I'm given another chance because I am truly sorry

    • May i ask... what did you do?

    • Read the comment on the other opinion

  • What did you actually do?

    • I hurt him with his own vehicle and I feel absolutely terrible. I was having a great day but now I feel like I owe this man my life

    • You hurt someone with their own vehicle? You mean you hit him while your were driving his car?

    • I was retrieving his car, but I opened the door too soon to step out and hand it to him and the door hit him and he fell