So, whats with Feminists?

So, not being offensive, I just wish to ask what it is exactly that feminist's personally believe about men and stuff, in the politest way possible, cause I hear people saying that they're just judgmental women who hate men, I just wanna ask the truth or why? If that's okay?


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  • Okay here is the deal, feminism is a highly or should I say HIGHLY misunderstood concept.
    Feminism is Female=Male. Not Female> Male.

    People get so flown away with demanding equality that they don't even realise that they are being unfair towards the opposite gender. Feminism is important, but unfortunately so many of us got it all wrong and then these "Feminist" woman just hate on men impartially without discretion if they don't get anything. They aren't right and are too stubborn and rigid to understand that men are not all wrong. They are human and deserve equal rights as well. I mean just because it's a girl doesn't mean a 60 year old should be the one standing instead of the young girl who is sufficient enough. The misunderstanding sort of just ends up in proving that woman are weaker instead of at par with men.

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    • So, Real feminism is just really fighting for gender equality but more often than not, its the men getting more than their fair share?

    • If we go back into history world society has always been impartial to woman. And feminism was brought for bringing equality and removing disparities between the two genders. So although men have gotten unfair advantages in past now that women in the world have demanded and are getting equality there are many parts in the world that still require the concept. But the misconception creates this funny inequality all over again only now it get unfair for men.

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  • I'm a feminist and don't hate men. I just hate inequality.

  • Some feminists hate men, but they're a minority of radicals. Most feminists (who can be any gender; you don't have to be a woman to be a feminist) want gender equality - for all genders including non binary ones.

    There are lots of types of feminism so it can be confusing; the types overlap sometimes; for example I consider myself a third wave, intersectional, socialist feminist.

    Some examples of types of feminists are:

    Radical feminists: This section is where you'll find your man haters. They either want to bring about a matriarchal (women-dominated) society, or some are separatists, ie. they want men and women to live completely separately from one another

    Socialist feminists: We believe that gender inequality is tightly linked with class inequality, that is, patriarchy is maintained by capitalism and there cannot be true equality in a capitalist society

    Liberal feminists: Rather than bringing about any kind of revolution, liberal feminists want to work within existing structures in society to bring about more gender equality

    Those are just some examples - there are more but that gives you a sense of some of the differences between feminist groups.

    When I say my feminism is intersectional I mean that I see different types of inequality as feeding and maintaining one another. For example; class and gender inequality are interlinked. Racial inequality too, and inequality to do with people's sexualities, etc. Unequal systems support one another (though as a socialist I think the inequality it's most important to focus on is class)

    The 'waves' of feminism refer to how feminism and it's goals have changed through history. The first wave would be the suffragettes; the people who fought for women's right to vote and own property. They would probably be considered liberal feminists
    The second wave had a wider set of goals. Second wave feminists wanted equal pay, greater reproductive rights for women (for example the contraceptive pill; feminists fought for this to be available to women, meaning women were in control for the first time in history of whether they get pregnant), and laws to protect against domestic violence and marital rape. (that's not an exhaustive list, it's just to show how second wave feminism had a wider set of goals than the first wave)

    • The third wave focuses largely on cultural equality; for example how we're socialised into gender roles through agents such as the media; how we learn gender. Third wave feminists want to break down gender stereotypes and binaries. We aim to be more inclusive of people with a range of identities, whereas the first two waves tended to focus largely on white, straight, middle class women

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  • Real feminism is about equally and just generally being treated with respect. Plenty of people out there misinterpret it as being anti man. There are female supremacist, but for the most part I think most people who identify as being feminist are indeed one.