Guys: do you like it when a girl wears eye shadow? Colors around her eyes or do you prefer more natural?

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  • I don't really like it. Looks too artificial and too much like you're some kind of fashion model (and that's a type of women I'm really not attracted to). It also makes me feel like a girl who does this is trying to hard to look pretty. I prefer it natural. I like some eye liner for special occasions but all the other makeup stuff isn't really my thing.


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  • I think it depends, I love eye shadow because I know which colours look really good on me, however it depends where I am going!


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  • I like variation in looks. Mixing it up is the best.

  • I'm not a big fan of makeup, but I like eye shadow It's okay. But I like black only though I don't like it colored. That's just my opinion.


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