Advice on coping with a bad year?

I'm having a really hard time grasping why I have such terrible luck at the minute. 2015 started terrible and also ended terrible, I've also now started 2016 terrible. I need a change and I need it now! I'm starting to become very depressed.

* I was broken up with on New Years Night at a friends party by my boyfriend of a year at the time but we ended up getting back together the next day.
* I lost my job in which I had nearly worked for 4 years at due to the business closing down.
* My boyfriend that had broken up with me at new years ended up breaking up with me again and that was the final time.
* I found out that I have polycystic ovarian syndrome.
* POS caused me to gain about 20kg in a year which caused me to have very low self esteem.
* My great grandma passed away whom I was very close with and I now miss dearly.
* My mum seems to enjoy putting me down and keeps pushing me away.
* I lost a lot of my friends.
* Struggling to get over my ex.
* My grandpa passed away just this past Monday due to cancer however it was unexpected and my family were on holiday at the time, we rushed home but unfortunately he passed away whilst we were on the plane- I was very close with him also and has impacted me significantly.


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  • Remember there is nothing but the present, the past shouldn't determine what you're doing now, or what you'll do tomorrow.


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