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Yesterday was my first day at martial arts for credits for school. ( loved it! Changed my life so much)❤️ Three days ago I went to get registered, and this guy ;whose a bit older maybe like by 2 years older than me, eyes met. ( I found him attractive). Two days later, my first class began. I felt awkward cause I was new. A student who was a black belt was showing me basic stuff.

Until then... This dude I was talking about approached to me and introduced himself ( I didn't give my name whoops 😁) We were practicing on a move and he became my partner. The thing is... Everytime I see him, I see our eyes meeting. After class was over, I couldn't help thinking about him. I've never felt this way for anyone as a crush. He seemed like he was special and unique in a way. Opinions?


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  • Be sound intrigued. Tell him your name next time.