Your most embarrassing moment/s?

I decided to play Powerball for Saturday January 9th 2016 so here I
Was filling out the slip thinking I had
Only $14.00 worth of tickets each game cost $2.00 so I decided to play three games for $6.00 plus the power play at a $1.00 each. So I thought I had $9.00 plus 5 draws thinking it was only $14.00. But I didn't realize it was 5x9 instead of 5+9. I never felt so embarrassed. I kept apologizing to the cashier. But she didn't seem to believe
me. Please believe me it was an honest mistake.


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  • Haha aww
    I once got into a strangers car thinking it was my friend picking me up, that was so embarrassing lol


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  • I was in the toilet, doing a number 2, and my new (female) room mate was just moving in. I did my shitting, wiped my bum, and when I opened the door she was there, staring at me and smiling, requesting a handshake. We dont have a wash basin in the toilet, so I couldnt have washed my hands, and I had some poo on my my right hand from wiping. there's NO WAY I COULD HAVE SHAKEN HER HAND. I had to deny, and excuse myself to the wash basin in the bathroom. It was pretty awkward but cmon she should have had some common sense! I was just coming out of the toilet -_-


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  • In the first class I ever subbed back in November, I tripped over something in the classroom and fell on the floor on my knees!

    Imagine having 39 high school freshman laughing at u after falling down! I'm the type of guy to laugh that shit off, I know i'm a clutz:-D

  • One time when i was with my girlfriend my cousin walk in on us and we all just froze there, me being the dickhead i am broke from it first and asked her if she wanted to join, i already knew the moment was gone and we had to get dress so why not have fun with it, she got all red walked out and my girlfriend slapped me, i like awkwardness so it was only natural for me to pull that one off and they also knew i was joking tho it was still embarrassing for them to hear me say that

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