Battle of cuteness! Pikachu VS Jibanyan, who is the ultimate cute mascot?

Jibanyan is the mascott of a new video game/anime called Yo-Kai Watch. Its very similar to the Pokemon video game/anime, which has sparked a lot of debates. Who is cuter?

In the yellow corner, we have the defender of the tittle, Pikachu!
Battle of cuteness! Pikachu VS Jibanyan, who is the ultimate cute mascot?And in the red corner, the contender, Jibanyan!

  • Pikachu
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  • Jibanyan
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  • Chuck Norris
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No love for Jibanyan?


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  • You got the game? Jibanyan is cute considering some of the other youkai on that show. -_-
    Mascot should actually be:

    Pikachu is the cuter mascot though.

    Is there a death battle yet? ;v

    • I dont think there will be a deathbattle soon xD Jibanyan isn't mainstream enough. BAHAHAHAHAHAH those 2, like me and future Mrs Squidward after the holiday feasts. And yes I got the game :D I would have loved it more if the battles were turn based, like in Pokemon. Do you have it? What do you think?

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    • No, I didn't get the game. The combat system seems weird and some of the youkai are kinda funky looking lmao.
      I might look into it later on but I'm actually not getting anything until KH3.

    • Is he the one with the "creepy overbite" attack?

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  • Jibanyan just because he's a kitteh. Though I rather hear how it sounds in Japanese. English dubs just sound dumb majority of the time to begin with.

  • Pika pika pikachu!

  • Nothing will beat PIKKAAA PIKKKAAA

  • Pikachu wins ><

  • Pika pika!

    Sorry Jib... Pikachu is a totally cutie.


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