When did you not speak up, when you know you really should have?


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  • It pains me to even admit to this because I truly feel like the biggest, most worthless piece of shit in all existence.. But last year I was staying with a friend for the week. She lives out of state and my two young children and I went to see her after not seeing each other for two years.
    Everything was fine for a few days. But one morning my children and I woke up before she did. It was just her husband and my children and I downstairs at the time. She had always said he was a perfect husband and loved kids.. But apparently she doesn't know him too well.. My son who is four, was reading a book on the living room floor and saw the husband walk in. He jumped up and started playing with him like he had been for a few days. I thought nothing of it because this man seemed to really like my kids. Well... This man (out of the blue) took the book that my son was reading and threw it at my sons face with so much force that I felt the wind push back my hair in the process. The book missed my son (thank god). However, he think ripped the doll out of my daughters hand and threw that at my son as well. This time hitting him in the hand. It didn't have enough force to hurt my son physically but emotionally my son was wrecked. I instantly grabbed my kids and ran to the room to pack our belongings and I booked us for the next flight out. When I was rushing out of the house my friend had stopped me and asked me why I was leaving. I looked at her husband and then back at her and said "If I stay here any longer than your husband will end up six feet under". And as I walked away from that door I heard him start yelling about how my son was a "f*cling puke". I didn't turn around though. I kept walking. And I explained to my son after wards that some people are just disgusting and we don't surround ourselves with that. I should have said something to the husband in that moment but I was so in fear for my son at that point that all I could think about doing was running and getting away. My friend divorced him. I told her what happened and she packed her bags that same night. But even given the fact that she left, I still refuse to allow her around my kids or myself. I actually refuse to allow anyone that I don't know personally around my kids for that matter. I still feel like shit about it. I should have knocked him out.

    • You did the best thing.
      You had to think of the kids no need for you to get in trouble. You should of just told the police

    • The police were informed. He was arrested on child abuse charges and got 2 years in prison.

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  • Oh gosh as I get older it seems to happen more but that is probably a good thing. I still speak out more than most but I at least give a moments pause, know I will certainly lose from the situation but that it has to be done because the person being unjustly whatever stands to lose more.

    When I was younger it was more of a knee jerk someone has been done wrong and throw caution to the wind thing. I only speak out for myself after and ongoing series of circumstances and having weighed all outcomes.

    But I won't stand to see elderly people, disenfranchised or children mistreated in most cases.

    One time I didn't... At my little sister's high school graduation. It is held in this fancy huge pavilion Arcade Fire and the like play at and each student only gets three tickets that are assigned seats. Honor student family gets better seating. This blonde girl a bit younger than me comes down the row I front of me and tells at a black older lady who was there to see her granddaughter graduate because the lady accidentally sat in their seats. The grand lady had seats just one or two over and didn't even seem to know there was assigned seating or that it was taken seriously. The girl then flashes her tickets in the lady's face and is like yeah ours move.

    I honestly was just to shocked, mortified for the lady and pissed to even say anything in that moment as was my Mom. I'd overheard the nice lady talking to the daughter that was with her, they weren't sure the girls Mom would make it. And I was just thinking what a great Grandma when this little snot of 24 comes up and yells at her.

    It was a rich school with very few minorities and I could just tell the lady was taken aback and embarrassed. I guess I didn't say anything at first from shock, then because I didn't want to add to he embarrassment making a bigger scene. And finally because I thought her Mom would reprimand her. Stupid of me, where did she learn it after all.

    If I could hit rewind I would. I know it was a if day for the nice lady much more so than it was for the snot. Young people are careless but that was just cruel.

  • Is it alright if I have some of your food?
    And I nod to be polite
    When in reality I should have yelled
    No bitch
    Mah food

    • No Mr. Kitty that's mah food!!! And then I hit her on the head. 😂

  • Because i don't care what to say.

  • Many many times... it just hits me after the situation has passed and everybody has moved on with their lives and I'm just like "damn... I could've said that and that.."


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  • there is only one time i can think that that applies to me, once at work some guy was making raciest comments to the Asian lady in front of him. i didn't say anything because i didn't want to get in trouble with Walmart, we are not supposed to talk back to the costumers for any reason

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