Do you like guys/girls that are sporty? Is it a turn on?

I don't mean his life revolves around sport and he's a jock. Let's just say he has passion for a certain sport, he plays it often, goes practice to get better, he's not talking about it all the time, etc. He could be anyone.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I am pretty indifferent but its attractive when a guy has something he's passionate about even if its just deep/philosophical conversation.


Most Helpful Guy

  • most girls into sports are generally more attractive than those not physically active. that's mostly cause they have a way nicer body than those who don't go to the gym often , I mean girls into sports work out and are in good shape and young , all things a guy is going to find appealing


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  • Yes, it's a major turn on for me, sporty girls are my favorite ;)

  • ⚾️ < 🕹
    Sporty girls are super awesome, but not my type in as far as dating. I want my girl to be a geek like me. 😆