**WARNING** Revelations coming true?

okay i know im gonna get hate because everyone hates religious people but im doing this out of love please dont be Religinaphobic

good luck


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  • There are signs every where and many revelations some too blind to see it and many who do not care until it's too late.


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  • I don't hate religious people, I only hate your gullibility and silly beliefs. Ever heard of Nostradamus? It's pretty much the same thing, just for people who aren't necessarily religious. People have interpreted all kinds of stuff into Nostradamus' prophecies. That doesn't make them true. You can see anything if you want to see something specific. It's like the people who stubbornly believe that chemtrails are a prove that there is some kind of huge conspiracy going on. Or the people who claim humans have never stepped on the moon. They just cherry-pick the things that fit into their beliefs and leave everything else on the side. That's the same thing you're also doing here.

    • your just rejecting what you dont believe

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    • @asker: jeeez. how can you believe all this rubbish. "The new world order needs you to believe in evolution" (Video). Well, obviously these people have spent all their time making up conspiracy theories instead of actually studying the biological aspect of evolution. I hope you are aware that Charles Darwin was a rather solitary man who lived on a ship for about 6 years? All the major expeditions he did to understand nature better he did so alone or in the company of only a few men (mostly simple people such as sailors who didn't know anything about biology). When he returned to England, he spent a lot of time at home and wrote down all of his findings (which later became his theory of evolution). When he presented his theory of evolution first, it was rejected unanimously. Especially powerful people thought it was outrageous somebody could even suggest something like that. But of course, it's all a big conspiracy. Probably in your world, Darwin was some kinda freemason-illuminati guy.

    • As are you, it seems.

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  • I'm with @BlueCoyote.
    You can find support for almost any argument in the Bible. Religious people are not the only ones to have had "prophecies". The Bible probably has just many wrong prophecies as correct, but nobody talks about those because they dont back your point. I'm a born sceptic, I believe in what I can see, hear and touch. If there is ever any definitive proof of God or the Bible, I will happily change my mind.

    • well they have the presents given to Jesus in a museum

    • How is there any proof that those objects are the exact ones given to Jesus?

    • I'm just saying that all the "evidence" of the Bibles validity is based just believing what people say.

  • Yeah. I'll file this video with the NWO/Illuminati conspiracy videos, the documentary about how Courtney killed Kurt and all the other things that are total bullshit.

    If the day of reckoning is here, bring on the Antichrist. I'll key his car, fuck his bitch and piss in his kettle.

  • "Doing this out of love" my ass. You're just proselytizing through the use of logical fallacies and outright lies. How is that in any way 'love'?

    • well im warning you for the reason that i dnt want you to go to hell

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    • your an idiot..

    • Says the anonymous kid who believes in a sky daddy and a Jewish zombie, who are the same person, except when one is the other one's father. No wonder you posted anonymously, so no one could block your nonsense.

  • We will see then who is right and who is wrong.

    • thats not the point the point is that i think its true and i dont want you guys to miss out

    • its a bunch of crap

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