Who here has been in the most fights? How do you learn?

Do you think you can learn at a gym or is this something that has to come from your own organic style? Is it something that cones naturally to some and not to others, or can everyone learn?


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  • I think it comes naturally

    • What makes you say this?

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    • Yea it could happen, and he should know how to take care of himself if it does, but it should be a last resort

    • Yea...

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  • I've fought a few times, never lost. Some people are natural fighters, but training never hurts. Everyone can do it, but not everyone will be as good. Size and strength are big factors, pain tolerance too.

    • What do you think about my theory of going for peoples eyes and biting, as long as you know they don't have hepatitis.

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    • I'm saying if it doesn't work the fight probably won't end until one of you is in the hospital.

    • but they would also go to jail, so...

      if it's worth it to them...

  • I only fought about 11 times in highschool, but that's really just childish shit..

    • What were they like?

      What were the most severe injuries?

      Did you win?

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    • Beaten with pipes?

      That doesn't sound childish at all.

      Sounds pretty serious, actually.

    • It wasn't considered a fight since it was one sided and I never stood a chance being jumped

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