Whens the right time to stop breast feeding?

First off I'll always support breastfeeding, however I dont understand why women choose to breastfeed their child when theyre above 2- can walk talk do anything a normal toddler can. It doesn't make me uncomfortable I just don't get it, its like they want to keep their toddler from aging.. and always wanting to be their baby's comfort while it grows. I get it they have that bond, but there's a reason why it's known for infants to breastfeed and not todlers and or children. I think it's more selfish on the mother's end and just giving into what their toddler wants instead of what they need.

I personally think at 1 they should start being weened off if they have been able to that long.


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  • I was in a store and saw this toddler saying "I want some titty" to his mother. That's way too old


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